Positivný známky? Ne.

Perhaps, Prague 8 city hall is getting the message. This showed up today in front of the local potraviny:


I also noticed a full garbage can in the park, as oppose to on the ground:


But let’s not celebrate too much. I also found this a few minutes later:


And this:


Keep up the good work Liben, we’ll get there eventually.

UPDATE: Apparently, it was just a temporary bin. A few hours later it was gone.



Hovní zona

So far I’ve only been posting pics of the trash we find in Liben, but make no mistake about it, there’s a lot of shit here too.

Below is what I’ve begun referring to as the Shit Zone. It’s between our apartment and the park, and there is so much shit here that I literally have to pick up my son and carry him over it. FYI – he’s still learning to walk, so he falls a lot. The Shit Zone is not somewhere you want to fall.

And here are the close-ups!: