Recyklace textil FAIL

A friend, and fellow Liben resident, sent this photo to me this morning:


And while it’s nice to see that some people know where the textile recycling is, it did remind me that Liben has a little bit of an issue when it comes to disposing of our old rags – we just don’t seem to know where to get rid of them.


For example, you can find them dumped in the forest.


Tossed down the riverbank:

Apologies, I didn’t have time to investigate what might have been inside.
Lying on the park stairs:


Or any old street corner:


I know this sounds obvious, but it needs to be said – this is Liben people, you should really keep your shoes on!


Rozbitá okna (Broken Windows)

I never liked the idea of having bars on windows, but if you Liben, it might make sense. A quick walk around the area presents a good demonstration of why…

Generally speaking it is the most rundown of the buildings that have been hit, but there are clearly still people living inside


Unfortunately, broken windows mean broken glass on the sidewalk, which doesn’t ever seem to get cleaned up. 
The most rundown buildings seem to be the ones that get hit, but there are clearly still people living inside. No idea if it is random or targeted.


This flat was under reconstruction, but has been sitting like this for weeks despite the contractors still working inside.

Všude obalové materiály (Packing Materials Everywhere)

A couple of days ago I came home to find a pile of packing foam strewn across one of the small corner fields near the tram stop. It’s all plastic, and consists of tons of very small pieces. The wind had already blown much of it all over the neighborhood, to the point that I was able to find pieces over 5 blocks away. I can’t imagine any of it will find a landfill, but I would be willing to place bets they find a water source.


Two kinds of packing materials were included – regular old foam, and styrofoam bits.


Here you can see the bits having blown down the street.
Piles of packing foam a few blocks away.
Into the sewer system it goes, just waiting for the next heavy rain.


You can see here that it literally got into everything. This is 3 blocks away now.
Oh, and why not throw a dirty needle in for good measure.